Marie Claire shooting now in HQ


Kristen is tired of shitty girl power movies

I apologize to Kirsten Stewart for all the times I made fun of her acting in twilight



We finally figured out what makes Kristen Stewart smile: hot wings! The “Twilight” star posed for this amazing photo after dining at a Hooters restaurant in Texas recently. Get the details at

yeah, hot wings, sure

First ‘Equals’ still


Kristen at the airport in Tokyo today (27/09/2014)


kristen LOVES the paparazzi

"It’s a story about a girl who’s right in the middle of something very complicated and is actually able to dislodge herself from an emotional setting and look at it as a whole and see that it’s not what she thought it was." (x)

On working with Peyman Moaadi || Camp X-Ray

Kristen seeing her fans in Cannes 2014 [x]